Cheryl 1st grade-2My name is Cheryl, and I’m a graphic designer by day, and foodie by night. I love to cook, bake, and decorate. I also love to entertain friends and family with my husband Rich, and our guests know their main course will be served with a heaping side of sassy. I’ve held many design jobs with a gastronomic emphasis, so I’ve got tons of food experience under my ever-expanding belt. Watkins (spices) was my first design/food combo job, where I whet my whistle on a taste-testing panel in addition to slapping out circulars. I freelanced for Pillsbury, taking wedges of pie to whole new heights. As a food writer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, I wrote family-friendly restaurant reviews, gave practical cooking advice, and shared requested recipes.

Why the name? Well, because I’m jumping on the food blog train a little late, and every other food-related word combination was taken! But this works for me. One of those utensils is vital to anything you prepare in the kitchen, and you don’t (or shouldn’t) serve a meal without a fork, a knife, and a spoon. Also, when my grade-school sons were tasked with setting the table for dinner, one of then would always ask, “What’s the order again, Mom?” and I’d recite, “It’s alphabetical—fork, knife, spoon. Left to right, like you read.” And even if your 8-year-old spells it “nife” (as it should be spelled), this still holds true. (Actually, My twenty-something son Justin still asks this, but I think he’s just messin’ with me…)

As my tag line says, this isn’t your daughter’s food blog. You won’t see any baby ultrasound images here (hey, lots of food blogs have them!), and my postings will range from grad parties, to bridal showers, to 80-year-old birthday bashes. I’m sandwiched between young adult children and gracefully aging parents, and my posts will reflect that.

Hope you enjoy my blog.


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  1. Hmm…. a budding good idea. I’d like to read a ‘critic’ who educates readers on newer healthier veggie-ier recipes, ‘easy’ to prepare (dare I say microwavable) AND re-educate people that sometimes spending some time in the kitchen preparing from scratch (items that can be frozen/re-heated) and cross-cultural and nutrition/caloric etc contents, would make a quality blog. I’m HUGELY concerned as I see more people under 20 who have flabbier tommies/waist lines, then this 62 yr old! Years ago I bought the Williams-Sonoma/Mayo Clinic cook-book. Its educational AND healthy recipes have received rave reviews at my dinner parties.

    I’m slightly hopeful that as more younger (yuppie?) people criticise and NOT buy commercially processed foods especially from several of the mid-west’s mega-food processors, is a glimmer of hope.

    • I’ll do my best, Lee! I don’t do specific low cal recipes very often, but I do try to cook with fresh ingredients. And the 20-somethings in my circles do seem to be turning back to healthier cooking, not so much processed stuff, from scratch, etc.

  2. Yesterday, I made the black bean recipe. It is absolutely delicious….since I have been recently been told that I have Type 2 Diabetes, it has been tough to find stuff I can ‘pig out’ on…. this is one…. I would love to try the Monster Cookies but unless I have someone around who can enjoy them, they will have to wait.

    • Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, Norma! Glad you liked the recipe. I’ll have to look for more that accommodate health issues. So many people have gluten or dairy issues, or other food considerations. Yes, the Monster Cookies will have to wait until all your grandkids are around.

  3. I’ve been in searching for a traditional Chai recipe to make for my mom. She’s been sick, and needs something for her throat to heal.
    Do you know any good recipes that…. Squirrel!! … ……… …
    that would work? I know it involves, fresh ginger, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, tea and coconut milk.
    Winchester Theodore

    • Dearest Winchester, I did not know you had such a distinguished middle name! And such a refined palette…for a dog. I will search out some recipes, because as you know, I’m also a Chai lover, and would like to make it at home instead of going to Panera for my fix. Tell your mother to hang on, and I’ll see what I can dig up.

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