Welcome to Fork, Knife, Spoon!

This is for all my friends who’ve repeatedly said “why don’t you do a food blog?” Well, here it is, my first posting. (Marylee, you deserve the prize for being the most persistent.) My goal is to get at least 12 followers, just like Jesus. Or maybe I should go for a baker’s dozen? So help me out, friends! Follow a gal!

People often describe me as being like Martha Stewart, but that’s hardly fair. After all, I’ve never done prison time. Seriously, Martha’s my idol, and I’m no where close to possessing her domestic creativity. I love to try her recipes, as well as recipes from a variety of other magazines and websites, and then tweak ingredients and process to suit my family’s taste. So that’s what you’ll see on the pages of this blog – not typically my own creations, but my tests and trials of what the REAL food geniuses are doing. Working in a comm and marketing department, I know to give credit where credit is due, so all originators of recipes will be acknowledged!

Another passion of mine is glamming up a table for an event, whether it’s a small table for a family birthday party, or a dozen large tables for a ladies Christmas tea at church. You’ll see pics of table settings and centerpieces, invites and banners. Frugal is often my focus, so budget-minded folks will appreciate the posts. (Hey, I was Pinterest-y long before there was Pinterest. Just ask my mother, who patiently put up with my childhood collections of cans, bottles, other scraps, in case I could “do something with them.” Right, Mom?)

Anywho…welcome to my blog, and thanks for following so far!